Why is Tramadol drug being abused?

In this article, we shall be discussing the topic of Tramadol being abused as a recreational drug. But before we get into that and trying to find out why people tend to abuse Tramadol, it is important for us to introduce the drug Tramadol.

What Is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a drug that has gained ascendance in recent years as it solves one major problem that plagues the use of other oral analgesics. Tramadol belongs to the opioids class of drugs and this makes it a potent analgesic for dealing with moderate to severe pain. It comes in both oral and intramuscular formulations. The oral formulations can be seen in both 50mg and 100mg tablets. Other analgesics, especially the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are notorious for causing, exacerbating or predisposing one to have stomach ulcers and this has been a bane in their usage over the years. Tramadol doesn’t have this problem and so it is suitable for patients who suffer from stomach ulcers or have a predisposition to it. The fact that Tramadol is an opioid means, it is very efficacious as an analgesic and hence it can be easily obtained through numerous online drug stores which sell these drugs to the customers.  Choose genuine online drugstore, which sells genuine pills at a reasonable price to the customers with Overnight delivery and express shipping options. The added benefit of Ultram drug is that it is not as addictive as the other opioids when it is used according to its prescribed dosage and this makes it even more patient friendly. This now gives rise to the question of why is it then being abused if it is less likely to cause dependence.

Tramadol and its Abuse Potential

The answer to the question in the title is quite simple. First, Tramadol drug purchased from the reputed online pharmacy at the prescribed dose is loved by most physicians because of the reasons before mentioned. For these same reasons, it can be legally obtained on prescription with few restrictions and/or exemptions. It is because of this that people tend to abuse Tramadol because it is an opiate and abusing it means that one is taking more than the prescribed dose. Also, unlike other opiates, it is more accessible so drug abusers tend to tilt towards Tramadol. This is why drug regulating agencies are beginning to look into placing some form of restrictions as a way to curb the abuse of Tramadol.

There is also the issue of long-term therapy. Tramadol, even though we have stated already that it is less likely to cause dependence, can still do so when used as the mainstay therapy for chronic (long-term) pain. Long-term use of Tramadol has been implicated as having a more likely to cause drug dependence and subsequent drug abuse. Tramadol is also not without its side effects. There have been cases of dizziness, nausea, vertigo, abdominal pain and even low blood sugar all from the use of Tramadol. This is why abusing this drug is not just wrong, it is also not safe to one’s health as it will only worsen these side effects in the taker and can lead to fatal consequences. In view of this, it is important that the talk on Tramadol abuse continues in order to generate sufficient awareness as a way of curbing this unhealthy act.

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