Why are so many college and high school students abusing Adderall?

adderall abuse

Earlier this drug is used to get high; Adderall has a new found meaning attached to it these days for students. Adderall has become a study-aid as it allows the students to concentrate for a longer period and with a greater ease. The Adderall drug is used for the treatment of attention deficit disorders (ADHD) and narcolepsy. However, Adderall misuse has led to a widespread consumption of Adderall without them realizing the harmful effects that the drug might cause if the pill popping is continued for long. The growing problem stems from these young adults either trying to steal the Adderall drug from their parents and relatives or buying it off the street or through fake online pharmaceutical stores. This creates another possibility of the person consuming fake Adderall which may have more severe repercussions. Another major source of the Adderall drug is through the health system itself. The Schedule II drug can easily be gotten access to. All it takes is the self-filling of a questionnaire that is not supervised.  Surveys show that students are able to feign the symptoms and tick the correct boxes by researching on the correct symptoms for as less as five minutes.

Why Adderall? Does it really make a person smarter?

Adderall is the combination of two stereoisomers of amphetamine, which works on a similar pattern as ecstasy. Adderall’s chemical composition is similar to what is commonly seen in the catecholamine matrix of neurotransmitters and hormones including epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. This allows Adderall’s neurotropic effects to function as it permits the drug to work exactly like the brain chemicals. Amphetamine causes hindrances to the re-uptake process thus allowing dopamine and norepinephrine to stay between neurons for a longer span of time than normal. Other than creating the sensation of happiness and making you run away from danger, these chemicals are engaged to help the brain with alacrity along with concentration and a boost in the levels of two compounds helps people stay focused for a longer span of time. This allows students to pull all-nighters before their exams and go on studying marathons. They find it to be harmless and completely acceptable. It has been studied that most of them start using Adderall through word of mouth.

How can Adderall go wrong?

Although it is an accepted fact that the Adderall drug does improve focus, its misuse and abuse can cause severe side effects like sleep disorders, hypertension, and stroke. Adderall may also cause a problem that would need psychological consultation like depression, bipolar disorder, aggressiveness and hostility amongst other mental illnesses. Adderall works really well when prescribed for particular conditions like ADHD, narcolepsy, and other diagnosed disorders without creating any dependency risks. However, artificial tinkering with the prescribed dosage and the erratic pill popping can really create issues for the students. It is better that students use other organic ways to focus on studies than manually tampering with the brain processes. Since Adderall drug is creating high in students, they are making a mistake while ordering Adderall drug. They are not willing to spend quality time to do some research on the sites which sells Adderall and eventually they fall prey to counterfeit sites which sell fake drugs.  Hence, students have to make sure that they only order Adderall drug from the authentic online, which has been in the industry for quite a while now and also gained trust among users as one of the user-friendly sites to purchase Adderall drug.

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