Federation of European Professionals

The Federation of European Professionals Working in the Field of Drug- Abuse (called ERIT) was created in Liege (Belgium) in 1993.

Real viagra onlineIt includes associations of professionals who work with problem Viagra drug users in countries across Europe. ERIT found that many users were purchasing Viagra drugs from fake online sites which sell the counterfeit drug.  They have also found that these people are purchasing Viagra drug without knowing that they are receiving drugs from fake online sites.  Hence, in order to promote awareness among people ERIT is making all the possible things which they can do to safeguard the health of people.

Real Viagra Online Safely

ERIT suggests people do a deep research on the sites before placing the order from online pharmacies to get hold of genuine drugs and to enjoy the advantages of buying Viagra online like low prices, express shipping, COD, door step delivery, etc.

Studies conducted by different associations and the drug regulatory authorities have brought the problem of counterfeit medications to the fore. Fake Viagra drugs are sold by many sites online undermining the health of the buyers and putting them at risk. It has also been gleaned that most of the buyers are ignorant of the fact that they are indeed buying counterfeit medication and they are facing imminent danger. Researching adequately online for genuine medication would avoid the situation of falling for fake drugs. We have been in the forefront of spreading awareness and educating people on the procedure to get authentic medication.

How does generic, counterfeit, and fake Viagra differ from each other?

Law enforcement organizations classify drugs as counterfeit Viagra when any medications excluding the ones produced by Pfizer possess the active ingredient that is precisely used in the manufacture of Viagra. There are this other category of medicines called as generic drugs and generic Viagra is still identified as an illegal drug since the government of United States of America is yet to approve the sale of the pill and it is unlikely to achieve the genuine medication status due to the patent rights which would be in vogue till 2019. In simple terms, pills manufactured with the striking resemblance to brand Viagra produced by Pfizer and is not original is categorized as fake or counterfeit or even as the knockoff.

Generic Viagra online

generic viagra onlineA medication which has the active ingredient found in Viagra in similar strengths of 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg is termed as generic Viagra. The color of the pill too is blue like the branded version and is marketed as generic Viagra with the shape of the pill resembling a diamond, something identical with the branded counterpart.  Generic Viagra has acquired huge fame in many countries and is sold under the name sildenafil. Though US officials are yet to authorize the sale of the drug in their country it is already legal in countries like Brazil and Canada.  Since FDA has not granted their approval, the medication is tagged as an illegal substance in the US. The generic Viagra pills sold online predominantly originate from India and it is highly targeted towards the Spanish-speaking populace. This drug can be easily purchased by clicking the following link: http://www.supergenericviagra.com/product/buy-viagra-online/, which will lead you to a legitimate online pharmacy, which provides authentic Viagra pills at a low price without compromising on the quality of the medication.

Separating Counterfeit Viagra bought online

Counterfeit Viagra bears a striking resemblance to the original branded drug. In most of the cases, the presence of an expert is required to differentiate between the fake and the original drug as many of the features of the counterfeit drugs are similar to the genuine medication. One of the toughest aspects is that the counterfeit medications also contain a minuscule percentage of original active ingredients in them. Recent studies carried out by some associations declare that close to 77% of Viagra sold online is fake. Another worrying fact is that 32% of the Viagra bought through online sources do not contain even a minute trace of the active ingredient.

How to buy real Viagra online?

 real viagra onlineWhen you are engaged in buying online drugs the first thing you should be analyzing is the veracity of the seller and their standing in the pharmaceutical market. A partial excavating of their past history would reveal the degree of trustworthiness. Ensure the source you are getting the medication from does have a physical address along with the facility of a toll-free number. A 24-hour customer service feature enhances the authenticity quotient. When you are in dire need of brand Viagra manufactured by Pfizer and if you have not secured a prescription, you can get the medication from a legitimate Viagra online Pharmacies. They work in coalition only with pharmacies having the approval of FDA and they ensure only genuine Viagra is sold to the public. They are also reckoned as a dependable source for their overnight shipping facility.